Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

There is nothing worse than feeling self conscious about smiling because of the colour of your teeth. Meeting people socially or in a work capacity could be a much happier experience if you had the confidence to just smile.

Tooth whitening should only ever be carried out by a dentist because they can assess all the reasons behind the discolouration and diagnose specifically to your needs. Professionally administered tooth whitening is safe and effective as long as the procedure is carried out correctly.

Teeth are whitened by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the tooth surface. The amount of time it is left on the teeth and the concentration of the gel depends on the technique used.

Marek Skalka, Philip Holt and David Rossington offer the following method:

  • Home Treatment. Impressions of the upper and lower teeth are taken and sent to a technician who will make models on which custom made trays are manufactured. The whitening gel is then placed inside the trays. The trays are made to fit precisely over your teeth so that there is no leakage of the gel onto the gums, which avoids any damage to the gum tissue. The trays are worn for about 2 hours a day to suit you. This takes between 10 and 20 nights.

Using this method, the results can last up to two years depending on habits such as smoking and drinking red wine, coffee or tea. The effect can be prolonged by topping up the whitening at home with trays and gel as prescribed by the dentist.

Existing white fillings and crowns will not change colour and may require replacement after the whitening treatment. This will be discussed at the examination along with additional fees to cover this.

Safety guidelines for tooth whitening procedures can be found on the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry website,

Tooth Whitening is a simple, non invasive way of achieving that dazzling smile.

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