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Working in partnership with you

Following your first dental assessment with us, you will be invited to join our dental plan.

As a thank you for joining Blossomfield Dental Care you’ll be offered exclusive access to a maintenance package aimed at preventative care for your long-term oral health. This will include both dental health examinations and hygiene appointments at a reduced price, with the advantage of spreading the cost throughout the year as well as complimentary worldwide dental insurance.

The Blossomfield Dental Plan includes:

Blossomfield Dental Plan

From £20 per month

Annual benefits include:

  • 2 comprehensive dental examinations
  • 2 Hygiene visits with professional cleaning and advise for your best oral health protection (30 mins each)
  • Small diagnostic x-rays where required
  • Preventative dental advice
  • 10% off dental treatment required
  • Spread the costs with 12 convenient direct debit payments
  • Supplementary Insurance: Worldwide dental trauma and emergency protection
  • Supplementary Insurance: Hospital cash payment
  • Supplementary Insurance: Mouth cancer cover

Preventative care with our dental plan

Dental health examinations provide:

  • Clinical examinations to catch developing problems early.
  • Checking for signs of oral cancer for early detection.
  • X rays where clinically necessary to provide an in depth examination of your oral health.

Hygiene appointments provide:

  • Professional removal or harmful hard plaque.
  • Advise and techniques – we work with you to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Fresher breath and brighter smiles for enhanced confidence.

How to register

We also have a Student Dental Plan and a Child's Dental Plan available. Ask us for more information on these.

If you wish to discuss our Dental Plans please feel free to speak with your dentist at your next examination, or alternatively our Reception Team will be more than happy to assist you.

If you wish to join the plan a member of the Reception Team will guide you through the quick and easy registration process and you will instantly be entitled to 10% off that current course of treatment and your next examination will be included in the plan. Give us a call on 0121 711 6939

Blossomfield Dental Care membership plans are provided by Denplan.

Your Supplementary Insurance does not cover:

  • Any treatment which was prescribed, planned, diagnosed as necessary or is currently taking place at the commencement date
  • Permanent treatment in a dental emergency
  • Emergency treatment provided by your own dentist or a dentist/specialist acting on your dentist’s behalf
  • Dental injuries caused whilst training for or participating in contact sports unless recommended mouth protection is worn
  • Injury caused other than by a sudden, unexpected, direct external impact to the mouth
  • Implants, cosmetic treatment or any treatment not deemed to be clinically necessary
  • Mouth cancer diagnosed before joining Blossomfield Care Plan or within 90 days after the date you joined Blossomfield Care Plan (or for which tests or consultations began within those 90 days)