Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) is a routine dental procedure which is needed when the blood or nerve supply of a tooth (called the pulp) becomes infected or dies off due to tooth decay or injury. If this was to occur and it was left untreated it would cause an abscess. This is an extremely painful condition and the tooth may have to be extracted. Root Canal Treatment is a way of removing the infected or dead tissue from inside the tooth disinfecting it and ultimately saving the tooth.



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Root canal treatment is usually very successful and no further treatment should be needed. However, if the infection does return, the treatment can be repeated.

Once the root is cleaned, disinfected and sealed the tooth should be safe but it is left quite brittle and can be prone to fracture. Therefore most dentists will recommend that the tooth is prepared for a crown to give it extra support, strength and to reduce bacterial micro-leakage. Sometimes posts are placed into the upper part of the root channels to give a more stable base for the crown to sit on.


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You can have the affected tooth removed. But it is advisable to keep as many of your own natural teeth as possible to maintain an efficient bite and avoid bone loss in the jaw.


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