Your Examination: 

If you are a new patient you will be required to fill out a full medical history form which is given to the dentist before the initial examination. At each subsequent routine examination the dentist will update your medical history.

Whether it is a new patient examination or a routine examination the dentists are not just checking your teeth. They carry out a thorough Dental, Oral and Facial examination.

Oral and Facial Examination: 

  • Under the chin and down both sides of the neck are chains of lymph nodes, the dentist will manually check these to ensure that there are no abnormal swellings. The salivary glands will also be checked using the same technique.
  • The Temperomandibular Joint (Jaw Joint) will be manually examined to ensure that there is no pain and that the joint is moving freely.

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  • A visual check is made of all the soft tissues inside your mouth, including the tongue, palate, cheeks and gums.
  • If you have any deep lines and wrinkles on your face that concern you, the dentist can examine these and discuss your treatment options.

Dental Examination:

  • A record is taken of all teeth missing and present.
  • All restorations in the teeth will be recorded.
  • All teeth will be checked for any signs of new caries, cavities, failed restorations or broken teeth.
  • A full Oral Hygiene Screening will be carried out. The dentists will carry out a Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE), they will check your gums for any signs of gum disease, check for bad breath and when necessary refer you to one of our Dental Hygienists. They will also give advice on diet, alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Your occlusion or bite will be checked to ensure it is in alignment and that your TMJ is not being put under any strain.
  • If you have any dentures or other removable dental appliances, these can be checked for any signs damage or wear and tear.
  • All aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Rejuvenation can be discussed at the examination.
  • At a New Patient Examination a set of “digital x-rays” (which are an additional cost) will be taken. It is impossible to see under restorations in the teeth or the root areas of the teeth, so these x-rays are both diagnostic and act as a baseline for future comparisons.
  • Existing patients will have digital x-rays taken only when further investigation is needed into a troublesome tooth.
  • All treatment options will be discussed in full with the dentist. At the end of the appointment you will be given a full written Treatment Plan and an estimation of the costs for the treatment, this is also part of your informed consent.
  • The Treatment Plan and appointment structure is laid out to address the most urgent first.

We have literature about the different treatment options that we offer, if you ask a member of the reception team they can supply you with the appropriate leaflets.

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