Other Treatments

Other Treatments

We are all conscious of our appearance and as we get older the laughter lines become more permanent, years of frowning leaves us with furrows on the forehead and smoking can leave fine lines around the mouth.

Facial Rejuvenation can help in all of these areas. Marek Skalka has been trained to carry out Facial Rejuvenation procedures. They treat fine lines and wrinkles with Injectable Muscle Relaxants and Dermal Fillers.

A dentist is the obvious professional to administer these treatments, not only are they highly experienced in giving injections but they have also studied the facial muscle anatomy in detail during their five years of training.

CODE AFA Members’ Charter

It is the aim of CODE AFA members to:

  • Provide skin rejuvenation treatments by suitably trained team members who have adequate medical indemnity insurance
  • Offer treatments using well-known products that are tried and tested, have good clinical data, and are supplied from a reputable source
  • Follow treatment protocols based on research and training
  • Maintain infection control to the highest standards by following the latest professional guidelines
  • Provide local anaesthesia, which can greatly improve the comfort of many treatments
  • Maintain full clinical records including photographs before and after treatment
  • Refrain from making misleading claims or statements
  • Provide permanent or advanced treatments only when adequate experience has been gained with non-permanent techniques
  • Ensure that the client fully understands the proposed treatment and always has the opportunity to give informed written consent
  • Provide a continuum of care including referrals to other professional colleagues where appropriate
  • Supply written aftercare instructions
  • Stay abreast of the latest facial aesthetic techniques through regular training, the reading of professional literature and through information provided by CODE AFA and other professional bodies
  • Audit clinical results and patient satisfaction on a regular basis

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