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We’re COVID SECURE and continue to welcome new and existing patients to the practice...

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Following the lifting of restrictions from 19th July, the safety of our patients, team and community continues to be our priority. We are therefore maintaining our existing safety measures.

Masks should continue to be worn in our practice by both patients and colleagues. Social distancing, along with all previous safety measures, also remains in place.

Skin rejuvenation

If you have concerns about the condition and health of your skin, Blossomfield Dental Care can offer a range of facial aesthetic and dermatology treatments including:

  • Facial fillers
  • Facial peels
  • Skin needling
  • Solutions for lines and wrinkles

Trusted expertise

Our dentists not only have skills honed from years of administering injections in difficult and restrictive areas, but they are also highly knowledgeable about the anatomy of the face and understand how to treat it safely. The Blossomfield Dental Care team have vast experience in observing symmetry and balance in patient’s faces to create aesthetically pleasing smiles.

Ageing skin

Skin slows down its ability to produce good collagen and elasticity from the age of 28. As the body ages, the appearance and characteristics of our skin change. Age, hormones, sun exposure and smoking, all have a part to play, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin may feel slighter harder and less elastic.

The amount of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance produced by your skin, decreases with age, causing us to retain less water. The oil-producing (sebaceous) glands become less active and our skin becomes drier. The skin also loses fat, so it looks less plump and smooth.

There are two major components of facial ageing:

  • Dynamic lines which form only when moving the muscle, like a frown for example.
  • Static lines, which are wrinkles that have become ingrained into the skin due to the volume loss.

Treating both of these main components of facial ageing leads to natural, balanced and refined outcomes. Can you stop or slow down the process?

Of course, you can never stop the natural ageing process, but a healthy diet and lifestyle will help slow this down and may minimise ageing effects. Regular exercise, keeping hydrated, along with a healthy diet will all help.

But if you’re looking for some help to rejuvenate your skin, and restore your personal confidence, facial aesthetic treatments may be used to soften lines and define facial contours.

The first step is to book you in for a consultation to find out how we can help. Give us a call on 0121 711 6939 to book your consultation.

Meet the team

Marek Skalka

Clinical Director

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Patient Reviews

People are talking about us

The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to Blossomfield Dental Care. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

24 Reviews


Irina Nica

I had my composite veneers done by Dr Vik and I am very pleased and happy with the results. I recommend Dr Vik 100%. He is the most gentle dentist I've ever seen and he is doing a great job. The staff people are very nice there and the clinic is clean. My experience was fantastic there. Thank you!


Wolf Master

I recently broke a tooth and saw Dr Aslan, not only was he kind and professional but talked over all the options possible to restore my tooth. Having thought my only option was to have it out, I was massively relieved. highly recommend this dental practice! The staff from receptionists to the dentist are very caring!


Mike Burrows

I recently broke a tooth and saw Dr Aslan, not only was he kind and professional but talked over all the options possible to restore my tooth. Having thought my only option was to have it out, I was massively relieved. highly recommend this dental practice! The staff from receptionists to the dentist are very caring!


Chrissie Russell

I was very nervous but Vic my dentist made me feel calm. Vic kept me informed at all times, he was so gentle and understanding. Highly recommended especially for those who are nervous.


Zara D

I had cosmetic work done by Dr. Aslan. He was very professional, listened to my needs and kept me informed about my treatment. I’m really pleased with the results and plan to have further follow up treatment. All of the staff were lovely, and in particular Dr. Aslan’s nurse, Ed. I highly recommend this practice.


Catherine Heard

Five star service.


Dark 007

Aslan is a caring, pleasant, skilled and professional dentist. Highly recommend him at Blossomfield dental. The dental assistants are friendly as are receptionists.


Peter Bentley

Really brilliant dental surgery. All the staff are incredibly friendly, attentive and helpful. The dentist I see (Vik) is the best I have ever had, with a warm and calm bedside manner, and a very kind nature. I am quite a nervous patient, but Vik makes me relax immediately, and is gentle and considerate every time I see him. I can't recommend him highly enough!


Harry Docker

It was my first time going for a standard check up at the Blossomfield practice. I was very impressed with the communication that Vik portrayed, he explained to me was going to happen and asking me how I am and if I am comfortable to continue. It was the first time I have felt completely relaxed whilst being at the dentist as within ten minutes I had full trust in Vik.


Claire Docker

“Excellent Dentist” I was an extremely nervous patient and very apprehensive about having treatment. I saw Dr. Vik Vijay who instantly put me at ease and was very reassuring. He explained everything that was going to happen and checked I was comfortable throughout the process. Very personable, understanding and professional. I would highly recommend Vik and his team.


Rashmi Guhan

I had a filling as well as cosmetic contouring done by Vik. Strongly recommend Vik as he was very methodical, reassuring and made sure I was ok throughout the process. He gave me exactly what I wanted and I am very happy with the end result of my treatment. Nice practice overall and highly satisfying dentistry.


Bicycle Repair Man

Very happy with recent regular hygiene visit and check up. No waiting and fully covid compliant.


Viji Sugi

Went in with a painful wisdom tooth. Previous episode was a painful memory few years back with a different dentist. Dr Vik was so reassuring and confident. Reassuring, polite and professional. I can’t believe myself that I even started liking my dentist. Thanks Dr VIK and please stay safe.


Axel Delgado Rodríguez

The team was very helpful and kind. Can't complain about anything.


Marnie Tomkinson

Wow I am soooo happy with my teeth! I first came to Vik about a year ago and mentioned that I was unhappy with how large my two front teeth were and how small the ones next to it were. Vik discussed the different options with me and we decided to go with composite bonding on my front four teeth. I asked Vik for a natural look and that’s exactly what I got. I am so pleased with the outcome and the aftercare. Vik listened to my concerns and to what I really wanted. Would thoroughly recommend Vik and the team as Blossomfield Dental!


Dean Bisseker

Perfect treatment as always.



Excellent dental practice that offered a relaxing environment and very affordable payment options. would highly recommend


Jason C

EXCELLENT!!! I had my first appointment today and the it went very very well. All the staff are very professional and my dentist did an excellent job. He explained everything and I experienced no discomfort at all during my root canal. I would highly recommend based on my experience do far.


Katie Mason

Extremely professional and clean practice with the loveliest and most welcoming staff!


Ron Mason

Dentist very friendly and professional



Great dental practice with an excellent team who are always looking to serve you in a world-class manner, just as you would come to expect from a private dental clinic.


Sam Hockey

Excellent service. Very friendly reception staff let me know there was a slight wait as the dentist was running a bit late and got me a drink while I waited. Mr Rossington very clearly explained my options and told me what he was doing throughout the procedure (that was thankfully less major than I'd feared). Felt comfortable and informed. Can't ask for more than that!


Brian Gibson

I attended a consultation this morning with Mr. David Rossington. This was to adjust the fit of a lower denture which had recently been repaired although not originally made by Blossomfield Dental Care. The repair, technically difficult, had been undertaken at modest cost to avoid the necessity of a new denture. The adjustment procedure was intricate and I wish to pay tribute to Mr. Rossington for his patience and determination which he displayed with polite humour until a perfect fit was achieved. the cost of this, including advice on a troublesome tooth was nothing....."Just part of the repair". Thank you for such good service.


Lynne Delaney

I am a nervous patient although I do have regular check ups, Dr Phil Holt filled a tooth for me today, I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever and can only say this is the best dental treatment I have ever had and would recommend

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