Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces 

What Are fixed braces?

This brace system cannot be removed. 

Fixed braces are usually made up of metal or white squares (called brackets) that are glued on to the front of the teeth, with a thin wire that joins them together.

How do they work? 

The wires gently pull on the teeth, which make them move slowly into a straight position. The Orthodontist will change the wires and may make small bends in the wire to move the teeth to the desirable position.

Does it hurt when the Fixed Braces are fitted?

The Orthodontist sticks the brackets onto the tooth surface with special glue, so it usually is pain-free to have the brace fitted. After the first visit, your teeth will be a little sore as the teeth start to move. However, this only lasts a few days. It is advisable to have a softer diet whilst your teeth settle and painkillers can also be taken if there is any discomfort.

How often do the braces need tightening?

Usually every 4-8 weeks. The teeth may be a little tender after each visit for a day or so. Most treatments take between 18 and 24 months. However, treatments may take longer if you miss your appointments, or if you break the braces very often. Some less complicated cases may be completed in less time.

What happens when the braces are taken off?

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You will be given clear retainers to be worn just overnight. Retainers are clear removable braces which correct any daily movements. An alternative to removable retainers is a fixed retainer, which is a fine wire cemented onto the inside surface of the teeth. Indefinite wear of retainers is advisable in most cases.

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