Removable Braces

Removable Braces 

Removable braces are usually worn only on your upper teeth. They are kept in by metal clips that fit over the teeth at the front and back. It does not hurt to get a removable brace fitted.

The treatment involves 2 visits to the dentist initially;

Visit 1 An impression is taken of your upper teeth. This is a short appointment lasting only five minutes. The impression is sent to our technician, who will then make the brace for us. This takes about one week. 

Visit 2 The brace is fitted over your upper teeth very easily. We will show you how to take it in and out and you will have the opportunity to practice.

You should expect your teeth to be a little bit tender at first, as they start to move. Also, you may get ulcers on the inside of your lips and cheeks but these clear up after a few days.

You will find it difficult to talk with the brace in at first. However, if you keep wearing it all the time as we instruct, you will learn to speak properly within a few days.

Getting your brace tightened 

We will need to see you every six weeks to tighten your brace. You will be asked to take the brace out and your orthodontist will adjust the wires on the brace while it is outside the mouth. He will then ask you to put your brace back in. This takes about five minutes.

After each visit, your teeth may feel a little tender again but not as much as after the braces were first fitted.

When should you wear the brace?

If you want your teeth to straighten, you should wear the brace all the time, including at mealtimes and while sleeping. The only times the brace should be taken out are:

When cleaning your teeth morning and night
After mealtimes, to clean the brace
If playing contact sports e.g. rugby, martial arts. If you are playing football, hockey, or going swimming, you should keep your brace in if possible.

When your treatment has finished

When your teeth are straight, we will take some more impressions and we may ask you to wear the brace at bed times only, to let the teeth settle into their new position.

After this, your treatment will have been completed and your dentist will tell you that you can stop wearing your brace.


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